Velo Mini Nicotine Pouches .5g

Velo Mini Nicotine Pouches is a small version by the Velo brand. When we talk about the Mini, it is small as compared to Slim. The brand makes the small shag for specific users who are accustomed to discrete nicotine bags and like soft nicotine kicks. Before starting the main topics, you have to know that BAT has been consistently branding their Lyft nicotine pouches line to Velo, evidently to possess broad international conformity.

velo mini nicotine bags

How does Velo Mini come?

The pouches are all small, soft, and moderately moist. With a wallet-sized can and smaller pouch size contrast to the grade regular range, VELO Small offers adult tobacco and nicotine users a more suitable way to enjoy VELO nicotine pouches and robustness anytime, anywhere.

Why Is It Called Velo Mini?

It is called mini for its small size compared to the slim version. The Nico-bags are 20% smaller than Slim, and the cans are 38% smaller.

Mini Size:- It comes in the following sizes in portions and cans.

Size of Pouch:- One portion: 12*30 mm.

Size of Can:- Tin can, 60*60 mm.

Mini Size:- It comes in the following weights in portions.

Weight of 1 Pouch:- 1 Pouch weighs .5 grams.

Total Weight of the Portions:- 20 pouches weigh 10 grams.

At which strength levels is Mini?

Velo-Small snus comes in at lower robustness. At Velo Strengthness marking system:

Strength levels at Velo 4-mg or 6mg per pouch, called Mild or Medium.

Strength marking by 1 or 2 dots on the can body.

Nicotine Strength mg/pouch equivalent to mg/gram:

Strength at 4mg/pouch = 8 mg/gram.

Strength at 6mg/pouch = 12 mg/gram.

Buy Fruity Velo Mini Snus at .5 g. From EU

Velo Tropic Breeze Mini
  • Velo Tropic Breeze Feel Tropical Breezy Summer day 🏖️ on Velo Tropic Breeze. It's soft and discrete conveniently fit behind the lip.

  • Taste: Passion Fruit.
  • Strength: 4 mg/pouch
  • Pouch Weight: .5 gram.
  • Pouch Size: 12*30 mm
  • Packet contain: 20 Portions
Velo Ruby Berry Mini
  • Velo Ruby Berry Enjoy Fruity Flavored Nicotine Pouch on Sweet Straberry 🍓. Feel it any time in a day.

  • Taste: Strawberry.
  • Strength: 4 mg/pouch
  • Pouch Weight: .5 gram.
  • Pouch Size: 12*30 mm
  • Packet contain: 20 Portions

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