Velo Slim Nicopods | How Does It Come?

VELO SLIM is the re-branding of LYFT pouches. BAT or British American Tobacco assigns these names as VELO. In 2019 RJ Reynolds in the USA launched Slim Velo pouches in the USA market. The brand packs these pouches in a round shaped metal can. After launching VELO in the USA, this brand name gradually re-branding in Europe. Since 2022, the Lyft brand has been completely exposed and a changeover to Velo.

The producer of BAT, Velo has conducted a sensation of Swedish Snus to the pouches. The PH adjusted is the same as EPOK Snus. Finally, VELO Slim is the Scandinavian innovative Nicotine Pouch and dominates throughout the some territories USA and Europe markets.

velo slim nicotine bags

How Does Velo Slim Differ From Mini?

By the shape and size: the Velo nico-bags is under two Slim and Mini. It makes Mini by lower strength at 4-6 mg/portion. The Mini portion is convenient for people who are new to using Nicotine Bags, these are discrete shapes of nico-bags. The Slim portion is 20% bigger than a mini nicopod and adds higher-strength Nicotine starting from medium kick.

Size and Weight of of slim pouch:

Size of Pouch: Portion Size, 12*30 mm.

Weight of 1 Pouch: .7g.

Size of can: 70*70 mm.

How many Pouches in Velo Slim: 20.

12*38 Nicotine Bag by BAT

What is convenicence of Velo Slim Nicotine Bags?

Velo Nicopod is the all-white line by BAT. There are no more Tobacco or dark elements present in Nico-bags. Instead Eucalyptus, Pine Fiber, or other plant fibers are used. So don’t worry! These nicotine shags don't stain your teeth, because these are properly white and food-grade.

What are the strength levels of Velo Slim?

Usually, these pouches add higher ranges of nico-strength from 6mg/pouch to 17mg/pouch.

The strength levels are known as: Medium, Strong, X-strong, Max, and Max.

Shape of The Velo can

We already noted that, This Nicotine Bags are sold in the USA in rectangular-shaped metal cans, also known as oblong cans. It is in Mini Format and Light strength. In the USA market, Mini Dry portions are packed by round shaped can. In the European market, these pouches pack in Tin cans in round shape for both Mini and Slim Nico-bags.

Example of VELO Slim Nicotine Bag.

Velo Freeze Max
  • Velo Freeze Nicotine Pouch provide an storngest cool 🧊 menthol experience. Adds flavor if fresh mint 🌿 on ultimate refrefrshing.

  • Velo Freeze Max

  • Taste: Fresh Mint.
  • Strength: 14 mg/pouch
  • Pouch Weight: .7 gram.
  • Pouch Size: 12*38 mm.
  • Packet contain: 20 Portions

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